BS Plastics Ltd are extruders of the finest raw materials, which produce some of the highest quality products in the industry. We are able to create products with specific requirements such as shrink, colour, prints, size, as well as additional additives. We also offer reclaim material which has been produced in house, allowing us to maintain high quality standards.

Using our diverse conversion machinery we are able to produce a variety of products ranging from POR, singles and bag on roll. We have some of the best conversion machinery in the UK, giving us an edge over companies & enabling us to produce the best quality products. All products are listed on the
Products page.

Packaging and Delivery:
We are also polythene packaging suppliers & our products are represented with quality to match every aspect of our service. Once products are complete to specification they are packaged to your requirements. All products are quality control checked before they leave our site, they are then delivered using our fleet of lorries ensuring deliveries are on time – nationwide.

Waste and Environmental:
We are able to recycle most plastic waste at our recycling plant. This is an important part of our philosophy to remain sustainable and environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint. For more information view our
Waste and Environment page.

BS Plastics Ltd.
Below are the industries we provide for:

Agriculture & Horticulture

Retail Supply Chain

Food & Drink


Janitorial & Healthcare

Waste Management